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Heart School

Flow, thrive, and flourish 


Heart School is an holistic, person-centred, wellness-focussed container promoting authentic expression, heartistic healing, and empowerment through creativity and connection.


From free content to creative transformation programmes, community check-ins to 1-1 coaching, Heart School’s offerings support you to flow, thrive, and flourish in life and work.


Whether a creative professional, student, beginner or hobbyist, Heart School holds a non-judgemental and loving space for you to evolve your creative spirit and experience the transformative power of heartistic expression.

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1-1 Coaching

To support you with:

- clearing your channel and finding your flow, whatever your medium

- navigating block, self-sabotage, procrastination, and overwhelm

- creating space and time in your life for creativity

- the development of all creative projects, including but not limited to visual arts, writing, music, film, movement, content creation and more

- beginning, resuming, or evolving a regular creative practice

- professional display, performance, or presentation scenarios

- self-promotion, marketing and presentation online

- formal study applications including statement, portfolio, interview prep

- sharing your work in a public forum (online and off!)

- practical, spiritual and therapeutic tools and signposting 

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Heart School Fundamentals:
Clearing The Channel

Seven step flow formula to connect to our depths, meet our shadows, remove blocks and obstacles, and recover authentic and joyous creative expression


1-1 Coaching
Clearing The Channel
Story & Testimonials

About Geraldine Snell (MFA PGDipE FHEA)

A prolific practitioner, anti-disciplinary heartist, and qualified educator (with 6 years of studying and 7 years teaching art and design at foundation, undergraduate and masters level), my extensive training in and experience across creative practice and education gives me the formal credentials to support your journey.

Beyond this, it is my personal journey with heartistic processing - and integrating creative practice with myriad spiritual, therapeutic, and academic modalities in pursuit of flowing, thriving, and flourishing - that has provided me with the lived experience to hold space for your becoming. 

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Working With Geraldine:

"Geraldine has a positive approach that has captivated me. She was able to identify artists that will help me to improve my artwork and art portfolio. This has helped me develop my work throughout my foundation at Central Saint Martins. Geraldine has also been a huge help with my application to a range of prestigious universities, not only helping with my portfolio but also my personal statement. I would definitely recommend Geraldine to anyone looking for support!"

Celia, 1-1 Portfolio Coachee

Heart School
Launch Offers:

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All heartworks + copy on this page ©  Heart School's founding heartist Geraldine Snell

Signposting & Health Disclaimer 


Heart School is a wellness-focussed environment, and it is not uncommon - with creative processing in a safe space - for trauma or struggle to surface. Whilst Heart School can offer some signposting and its ethos comes from a trauma-informed perspective, its offerings are not intended and should not be considered, or used as a substitute for medical or therapeutic advice, diagnosis or treatment. Heart School’s offerings do not constitute the practice of any medical, nursing or other professional health care advice, diagnosis or treatment. As a sovereign being, you must take personal responsibility and accountability for health and ensure you have any medical or professional therapeutic support you need in place. 

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