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Lead single from forthcoming album: OVERLOVE

Delightful / Limerence EP

Lead double single from 3rd album overlove, Delightful/Limerence is my first collaboration with co-producer Richard Knight and defines the palette and vibe of the forthcoming album. Delightful (I Love You Song) builds on the chorus from my 2012 song Medal, which was released with my band Well on our 2013 album ‘All Is’, and augments and elaborates the original motif into a sweet, euphoric, anthemic ode. The song is an expression of ardent love and admiration for someone from afar, with lyrics that capture the wistful abandon of attraction, passion, and desire.

Cocoon: Eclosion EP (2023)


Artwork by Debugger from the original Cocoon visual by Geraldine Snell

"The three tracks on Cocoon: Eclosion present iterative divergences and emergences from the original work by Geraldine Snell - treading a linear but twisted path from cerebral and intricate towards deep and somatic.

Shards of minimal house evocative of Herbert and Charles Webster's productions seed the EP - with only flickering shadows of the original track - present with Smothering, yielding to a distinctly dancefloor orientated persuasion.

The final track derives further from Smothering, and nods to the vitality of a corrupted take on minimal UK garage hybridised with techno, concluding the release with a metamorphic eruption of raw energy." - Debugger (Richard Knight)

Epiphany Single (2023)

Developed from the instrumental soundtrack from my 2013 video Eyes in Fmaj7, 'Epiphany' adds an ethereal haunting vocal which came to me upon having a grouse land on my 5th storey roof velux window on epiphany night (6th Jan) 2023.

 🕯️Light & Love LIVE❤️ (2022)

🕯️Light&Love❤️LIVE was composed between 2019 and 2022 and and all songs stem from exploring with a looper, involving simple melodies and layered vocal rounds to encourage self-connection, enable reflection, empower expression and refine one's attention in an "everyday sublime" way.

Stream here, via any of the links above, or watch the full visual album via the MEMBERS' page.

🎶 First Love💔

This debut solo album is a saccharine, downtempo, nostalgic, ethereal, longing-filled dreampop ode to attachment. 🎶 𝗙𝗶𝗿𝘀𝘁 𝗟𝗼𝘃𝗲💔 was written, recorded and mixed entirely at home between 2012 and 2021.

🎶 First Love (Live Piano Version)💔

An intimate, stripped back live piano version of debut album First Love recorded during a creative retreat at Britten Pears Arts Trust, July 2022. Sign in to see the full video of the album's recording via members


See shorter clips on insta & YouTube
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