Light & Love LIVE

I'll be posting my 2nd album Light & Love LIVE week by week, with a track released each Friday for the next 10 weeks up til Christmas 2022. Stream via the music sites above and preorder via bandcamp HERE.

The songs on &LIVE were composed between 2019 and 2022. All stem from exploring with a looper and involve simple melodies and layered vocal rounds. The visual and performance aspects of this body of work were well formed through the &video series below. In Light & Love LIVE, it's all brought together as a visual live album, recorded and filmed during a creative retreat Britten Pears Arts in July.

The domestic seclusion offered by the retreat provided ideal conditions to re-perform these works as a cohesive journey that's structured as a sort of day in the life.. from eradicating mind bile on rising, generating FREE JOY, attending to one's environment, spending time looking at the sky, checking one's phone, a nostalgic moment with a brew, breath-work to reset in the afternoon, celebrating light as it wanes, slowing down before bed, and offering metta by candlelight. Sharing snippets of the work in social media week-week will offer a focus on each of the song-videos, which will be embedded in full on the members page

In the series Light & Love, my interventions and expressions encourage embodiment and connection through attention and attunement to commonplace phenomena. Whether a hand dancing in the sunlight or eyes blinking through an emoji,  the works invite a softer, slower, more tender quality of presence.

Slade Graduate Showcase -September 2021

Artist Talk: on light love, for Sheffield Doc Fest

self help Solo Exhibition - December 2020