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My work as a musician, producer, performer, filmmaker, author and guide embodies an integrative and anti-disciplinary approach to creative expression, individual transformation, and collective healing. I share it across varied solo and group exhibition, screening, online, performance, and publishing contexts.

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Geraldine's Sound

Geraldine’s melodic, meditative, mellifluous music makes mesmerized audiences slow down and soften to the precious vulnerability and medicinal potential of creative expression.  Her sound is tender, ethereal, and hypnotic, channeling similar vibes as artists ranging from Grouper, Julee Cruise, Laurie Anderson, and Portishead to Tirzah, Cocteau Twins, James Blake, and Beach House.  Inspired by eclectic influences - from classical and choral music through to dreampop and downtempo, via jazz and jams in all genres - follow the sonic journey mapped in her spotify ‘palette’ playlists.


From learning classical piano and elementary music theory throughout her teens, Geraldine began songwriting and performing regularly on keyboard and backing vocals around the age of 16. Playing and jamming with other musicians - such as her band Well, singer Dooks, and the band Haver - helped develop her flow and confidence live, which her performance art work paralleled.  In terms of music production, Geraldine adopts a DIY approach in a home studio setting, initially explored with former collaborator Kwannon / John Hurt, later honing her palette through the completion of her first solo album First Love (2013-2021).  Having spent much of her twenties in art education first as a student and then a lecturer, her musical calling became ever louder through the pandemic, and she committed to finishing and releasing First Love (2021) – a saccharine, downtempo, dreampop ode to attachment - and performing it live in a variety of formats and settings, including an intimate live piano version recorded during a creative retreat at Britten Pears Arts Trust – in 2022. In her time there, she also produced Light & Love LIVE: a visual concept album evolved from the simple melodies, incantations, and vocal rounds used in her 2020 video series of the same name.


Geraldine typically uses a wireless headset microphone, an electronic keyboard, and a Boss RC505 looper. She simply needs 3 plug sockets for this equipment, which all goes through her looper, and either a mono or stereo jack output into a mixer or DI box.

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"Sounds how mushrooms feel"
- G, a London gig attendee
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