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1-1 Coaching & Mentoring

Holistic support for creators in:

- clearing your channel and finding your flow, whatever your medium

- navigating block, self-sabotage, procrastination, and overwhelm

- creating space and time in your life for creativity

- the development of all creative projects, including but not limited to visual arts, writing, music, film, movement, content creation, entrepreneurial ventures, personal passion projects and more

- beginning, resuming, or evolving a regular creative practice

- professional display, performance, or presentation scenarios

- self-promotion, marketing and presentation online

- formal study applications including statement, portfolio, interview prep

- sharing your work in a public forum (online and off!)

- practical, spiritual and therapeutic tools and signposting 

with Geraldine Snell MFA PGDipE FHEA

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First session free: Book here

Heart School
Booking and Pricing:

One off session

- 1 hour coaching session with 10 min check-in via call, text, or voice notes

Concession £44
Standard £66
Supporter £88

3 session pack

- 3x1 hour coaching sessions with text or voice note messaging between

Concession £111
Standard £188
Supporter £244

Clearing The Channel

- 8 session 'Clearing The Channel' structured coaching container with text and voice note messaging in between

Concession £333
Standard £444
Supporter £555


Personalised packages available eg. longer term or text / voice note only - we can discuss your requirements over the free call above 


24 hours notice required to reschedule
Payment in advance of first paid session via bank transfer or Paypal

This is a sliding scale - choose your price point, no proof or justification required!

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"I was struggling to get back on stage after a long break and decided to talk with Geraldine and Heart School. We discussed many issues around performing, along with my motivations and aims. It really helped to be able to express my doubts and have them reflected by someone experienced in nurturing creativity. But it was also really helpful to understand that what seemed like my unique difficulties are in fact, commonly experienced."

- Mark C.

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"Geraldine has been both a brilliant tutor and friend to me in the short time we have known each other. She expressed an extremely insightful understanding of my work in its early stages which gave me the confidence to continue confiding in her and seeking her advice. Geraldine is reliable, warm, down to earth, and super easy to connect with both academically and creatively. She goes above and beyond in her kindness and her genuine interest in keeping the creative world alive. Her correspondence is fantastic, and her energy is instant and contagious. She has a unique and genuine understanding of young artists."


“I’m an artist / writer and I first met Geraldine in 2017 when I joined Leeds Arts University (formerly Leeds College of Art) for my Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (2017-2018), where she was my personal tutor throughout my studies. Every tutorial we would explore the work in detail and Geraldine’s in depth knowledge of contemporary art made this conversations a lively learning experience! She also has a calm, approachable and warm manner that makes something that can feel revealing / vulnerable like art making - a really beautiful exchange. Following my completion of a degree in Economics, the foundation course marked a serious commitment to pursuing a creative avenue.…

Geraldine was a fantastic mentor that reminded me to stay present and notice what my practice was revealing to me in the moment - whilst encouraging me to continue to be ambitious / give things a go! Beyond foundation, she has continued to support me as an artist; specifically the clarification and evolution of my creative work, empowering my projects and professional practice alike. Geraldine's personal creative practice meant she was well placed to support my forays across a range of media, from (writing, film, performance, installation and drawing) . I would highly recommend Geraldine as a creative coach due to her extensive experience as an artist and educator. She’s absolutely so knowledgeable, critical, honest, and encouraging!”

"Geraldine has a positive approach that has captivated me. She was able to identify artists that will help me to improve my artwork and art portfolio. This has helped me develop my work throughout my foundation at Central Saint Martins. Geraldine has also been a huge help with my application to a range of prestigious universities, not only helping with my portfolio but also my personal statement. I would definitely recommend Geraldine to anyone looking for support!"

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"A beautiful soul that works from the heart. Thank you Geraldine for your divine guidance & allowing me to believe in the poetry I am writing & creating. I feel inspired & held during the heartist process"

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Book your free call      Here 

A 45 minute session to clarify your creative callings, discuss your coaching or mentoring needs, and see if we're a good fit to work together.

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